This disclosure document is created for the website Kent Scaffolders (https://kentscaffolders.com), which operates under the tagline “Expert Reviews & Safety Guides – Kent Scaffolders Hub”. This website provides visitors with comprehensive information about the latest trends, equipment, news, expert tips, and advice in the field of scaffolding. The purpose of this disclosure is to inform users about important aspects related to the website’s content and operations.

Expert Reviews

The information presented on Kent Scaffolders is compiled by experts in the field who perform rigorous research and analysis. The reviews provided on this website aim to offer visitors valuable insights and opinions regarding various aspects of scaffolding, including products, services, and techniques. It’s important to note that the reviews are subjective and based on the experts’ personal experiences and knowledge.

Safety Guides

Kent Scaffolders offers safety guides that provide general advice and tips related to scaffolding safety. These guides are intended to promote awareness and educate users about best practices for ensuring the safety of individuals and property during scaffolding operations. However, it is crucial to understand that these guides do not replace professional advice or specific site requirements. Users should always consult qualified professionals or relevant authorities to assess site-specific safety requirements.

News and Updates

The website’s news section provides visitors with the latest updates and developments in the scaffolding industry. While Kent Scaffolders strives to ensure accuracy and reliability in reporting, it’s possible that some information may become outdated or subject to change. Therefore, users are encouraged to verify any news or updates through additional sources or contact the relevant parties involved.

Affiliate Links and Advertising

Kent Scaffolders may participate in affiliate marketing programs where it earns commissions on sales or leads generated through certain links on the website. These affiliate links are primarily used to support the maintenance and operation of the website. It’s important to note that the presence of affiliate links does not influence the objectivity or integrity of the content provided. Kent Scaffolders remains committed to delivering unbiased and reliable information to its visitors.


While Kent Scaffolders endeavors to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information presented on the website, it is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or damages resulting from its use. The content on Kent Scaffolders should not be considered as professional advice or a substitute for professional consultation. Users are encouraged to conduct their own research and consult with qualified professionals for personalized recommendations and accurate information.

Updates to Disclosure

This disclosure may be updated from time to time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of users to review and comply with the most recent version of this disclosure document.

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